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When and Where?
The Jazz and Olive Festival will run from 1 – 4 pm on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Lavinia Campbell Park
near the flagpole in the heart of Los Olivos.
The event raises funds that serve many individuals and organizations locally, nationally and
internationally with scholarships and critical program support. As an O’Chef, you are participating in
this vital community service work and making important contributions to a better world for many
women, men and children.
O-Chefs (“O” stands for “olive”) prepare and serve food that incorporates olives or olive oil. Please
plan to have enough food to provide small portions (approximately 2 ounces) to a minimum of 300
visitors to the Festival. Festival visitors will be provided with plates and forks. O-Chefs bring small serving
cups or other useful picks or paper goods they feel will help them serve – unless the portions can be
easily picked up by hand or served to a plate with a utensil.
Please arrive no later than 12:30 pm in order to set-up and be ready to serve by 1 pm. There is always
a bit of congestion and time is needed to unload and find your location.
There will be over 30 shade canopies set up on Alamo Pintado Avenue in Los Olivos. Each canopy is
10′ x 10′ and will be shared by an O-Chef and either a vintner serving wine or another O-Chef. There
will also be vendors with olive-oriented products to display and/or to sell. O-Chefs will have a 3’ x 30”
table area on which to display and serve their food. If additional table area is needed please bring
it, realizing it needs to fit within your half of the 10′ X 10′ canopy.
Rotarians will be available to help unload and transport food and equipment to the O-Chef’s table.
Table covers and two chairs per canopy will be provided – and you are welcome to augment the
decoration with another cloth, flowers or whatever you wish (extra decoration is not expected but
some enjoy doing it).
Each O-Chef entry will receive admission to the festival for two (2) persons, including 2 festival glasses
and 2 plates. We cannot provide electricity so O-Chefs are responsible for hot or cold storage
containers and chafing dishes, if needed. O-Chefs do basic clean up of their area at the end of
O-Chefs acknowledge they are participating in the Jazz and Olive Festival as community
volunteers without compensation. They agree their name, photo, and a description of their dish
may be used in news stories or other publicity regarding the Festival.

I have read and agree to being an O-Chef.

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